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The Skin Your In June 10, 2012

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We have this wonderful amazing outer physical layer called skin, such an amazing part of who we are, a giant sensory pad and also very importantly and elimination organ.  Healthy regular daily bowel movements can really assist our skin in being able to glow and take the pressure of its elimination role.  If the bowel is sluggish and not functioning daily the skin can and will take the extra load of elimination resulting in dull bumpy or spotty skin.

Daily skin brushing is helpful and can give the skin a beautiful lift with its light polishing effect.  If your skin is dry, try massaging lightly some lovely cold pressed oil into it all over after bathing, I personally use either black sesame oil or coconut oil.  I would do this twice a day and have done for over 25 yrs, hence edging closer to 50 my skin feels and looks incredible for this daily ritual.

Steps to a natural detox with skin brushing

• Brush the soles of your feet with rhythmic strokes, and then move up your leg.

• Stand up to brush the leg from knee to hip. The process is actually like taking a shower and washing up with a brush.

• Move to your back, then to your abdomen and then your arms.

• Pretty soon you’re done with your brushing and you apply some light organic cold pressed oil to your now glowing skin.

Here are a few reasons why skin brushing is a good natural detox for your body.  Skin brushing is an easy and quick process.   The brushing process stimulates blood circulation and lymph health, which helps to remove toxins from the body,  it also feels really invigorating to the whole body.  You can try skin brushing with your partner or friend, its a very nurturing experience.

Of course the most important way to hydrate and give nutrition to the skin is by drinking water daily and eating food high in vitamin and mineral content, plus our healthy oils. I have found a fabulous simple chart with some foods that can assist in the repair, maintenance, radiance and hydration of the skin.  I simply love this chart and I’d just say go easy on the cacoa as we can get a little carried away with the deliciousness of making high fat sweets with cacoa thinking that its great for us, well it is but not too much.

Remember most fruits and vegetables are great for the skin, so even if you love a food and its not on this chart, if its fresh, colourful and you love it….prepare it with love and share and eat it with love.

Have a wonderful day Love Tanya the poo fairy


2 Responses to “The Skin Your In”

  1. Skin brushing is still one of my favourite detox methods. Love this post! 😀 xx

  2. tanouschka Says:

    thankyou nicole

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