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my analogy for the bowel January 16, 2012

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We can like our bowel to a freeway with a few bends and turns

Our mouths as the petrol station and our organs as the engine

so we must only put high grade fuel into our mouths so our engine

can work at optimum capacity, if we ingest low grade fuel

we just chug along and feel sluggish and our freeway may

become blocked in those bends and turns with stubborn poo, gas and sludge

debris may be left behind and the traffic becomes congested, only

the occasional motorbike can pass through but not the cars…

there’s just no room, this becomes the traffic works, all movement

comes to a halt and we feel backed up,

a colonic can clear the traffic works getting rid of the congestion

to allow the traffic to travel freely, the engine runs smoothly

and you become a beautiful piece of machinery, shining

and glowing inside and out…..


Keep oiling your vehicle with the wonders of  cold pressed flaxseed oil, its an amazing lubricant for the digestive tract

Watering your vehicle with a minimum of 1.5 litres per day

Highgrade Fuel, a balance of fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, yogurt and lean meats or if vegetarian legumes and wholegrains and healthy fats ie oils

Tune up, a gentle detox every change of season which may include colonics

Exercise your vehicle gently every day for a minimum of 20 mins

Rest, park your vehicle somewhere comfortable and rest little stops in the day to catch your breath like the rest stops along the freeway, and sleep your vehicle every night minimum 7 hrs per night

Hang out with other finely tuned vehicles for friendship and intimacy.

love the poo fairy




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