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simple breathing technique for a relaxed bowel January 15, 2012

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Of all of the available relaxation techniques, deep breathing exercises are the ones that you can do any time, any place.  Personally I like to do it as I’m lying in bed before I sleep, as you can do it sitting or lying, however you feel the most comfortable.   Deep breathing exercises are a simple way for you to calm your body and turn off your body’s response to stress, its amazing how something so simple as our breath is such a key for relaxation for us yet we rush around forgetting the ease and availability of this tool the gateway to relaxation and softening.
Some simple breathing techniques to relax and bring oxygen into the bowel.
Stress is often the No. 1 reason for a tight tense bowel. We often to forget to BREATHE or we breathe only to the top of our lungs with a a shallow breath, the key is to practice conscious breathing and full rich breathes all the way down into the belly.  I myself often forget to breathe, this leaves my tired, cranky, and brain foggy.  I noticed when i practice meditation in the evening or deep belly breathing i have a relaxed bowel….

Here’s How:

  1. Find your diaphragm: Place one hand on your abdomen, palm to stomach, with your pinky above your belly button. The muscles of your diaphragm will be under the palm of your hand.
  2. Place your other hand on your chest.
  3. Inhale slowly as you count to three.
  4. Think the word “Relax” as you exhale to the count of three.
  5. Keep your top hand as still as possible, relaxing the muscles in your chest and shoulders.
  6. Focus on the action of your diaphragm. Your bottom hand should move outward as you fill your lungs with air and move inward as you exhale.
  7. For a more advanced breathing technique you can hold for 5 counts between the inhale and exhale this can send “prana” life force energy pulsing through the body , its relaxing yet rejuvenating.
  8. For an even more advanced breathing inhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 exhale for 5 counts, hold for 5, inhale for 5 etc.


  1. Tip: Thinking the word “relax” as you exhale, turns the word into a cue, prompting your brain to induce a state of relaxation throughout your body.
  2. Post-it-note the reminder on your fridge, or on your bedroom mirror, or on your pillow as to remind yourself of this simple technique.

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