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quick natural remedy for stuck poo…. January 12, 2012

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This remedy is a sure fast way of assisting the bowel when things get “stuck” due to lack of water, bad food, stress, and travel. Its more for a dry bowel.

Linseed Gel Drink

Its a simple quick remedy, you will need

1tbsp of whole linseeds

1 cup of water

small saucepan


bring to the boil and simmer for 2 minutes, let cool, the seeds will sit on the bottom of the pan, and scrape the gel of the top it will look like clear egg white, drink this either by itself as its quite tasteless or try adding a little apple juice, (children like it with juice or you could add to a smoothie) you could store half for the next day.  This recipe will makenough for 2 doses….Good luck


2 Responses to “quick natural remedy for stuck poo….”

  1. tanouschka Says:

    glad to be of assistance pauline

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